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UK » West Midlands » Wolverhampton » Plumbing & Gas Heating UK Ltd
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Plumbing & Gas Heating UK Ltd Edit

15 Oval Drive
West Midlands
WV10 6AX
Phone: Phone: 07494 558320
Website: Website: www.plumbingandgasheatinguk.co.uk/

About Plumbing & Gas Heating UK Ltd

Welcome to Plumbing & Gas Heating UK Ltd, based in Wolverhampton, we offer over 20 years experience and providing a first class, professional plumbing & gas heating services across the West Midlands, Telford, Shropshire & Staffordshire. We are a Gas Safe accredited & registered, We undertake all types of work, from your dripping tap to a complete heating system - no job is too big or too small.

Providing a fast & efficient service, we offer the highest levels of service with accurate safe advice. Every job undertaken will be delivered on time and on budget.

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