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UK » West Yorkshire » Leeds » The Velvet Hot Tub Hire
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The Velvet Hot Tub Hire Edit

32 Redesdale Gardens
West Yorkshire
LS16 6AU
Phone: Phone: 0113 4155542
Website: Website: thevelvethottub.com
Email The Velvet Hot Tub Hire Email: hello@thevelvethottub.com

About The Velvet Hot Tub Hire

At The Velvet Hot Tub Hire Leeds & West Yorkshire, we aim to make the whole hot tub rental experience as enjoyable as possible from start to finish! We’ve streamlined the checking availability and booking process so it’s incredibly stress-free for you to hire your tub.

Our hot tubs are awesome as well, fitting 4 – 6 people, with the rapid heating system up to 40°C, AirJet massage system, LED lighting and comfortable padded base, your party or gathering is guaranteed to be memorable.

We cover all across West Yorkshire, including Leeds, Bradford, Guiseley, Otley, Ilkley, Yeadon, Wakefield and surrounding areas. If you’d like to hire a hot tub, visit https://thevelvethottub.com/hire-leeds/ to place your booking.
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Fri, 19 Oct 2018

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