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UK » West Midlands » Sutton Coldfield » Insignia
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Insignia Edit

308 Birmingham Road
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B72 1DP
Phone: Phone: 0121 382 5304
Website: Website: insigniacomms.com
Email Insignia Email: info@insigniacomms.com

About Insignia

Insignia is the company that you can count on to help you create as well as install a crisis management plan for your business to ensure that you are prepared to react to any potential crisis. Our crisis management consultancy works with business leaders to plan, train, rehearse and even handle substantial incidents, issues and crises. We can provide thorough crisis management training, crisis communications planning, crisis media training, along with crisis simulation exercises to make sure that your business is ready for any eventuality. If your company does not have a crisis management plan in place, then it is something that you should look at quickly to safeguard not only your business but also the essentially sensitive information of your clients. Our staff of crisis management advisors are highly knowledgeable and can give you the advice that you need to safeguard the future of your business. For more information, get in touch with us today on Tel: 0121 382 5304.   Find us in the Business & Management Consultants category.  Edit

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