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Berganza Edit

(Former Names: Berganza Ltd)

88-90 Hatton Garden
Greater London
Phone: Phone: 020 74042336
Website: Website: www.berganza.com/
Email Berganza Email: weddingrings@berganza.com

About Berganza

Based in London Hatton Garden, Berganza specialises in antique and vintage jewellery. The family run business is built on their passion for gemstones and rare jewels. They began as gemstone dealers, from mining through to cutting and polishing. As master lapidaries their extensive experience fashioning and dealing in precious gemstones offers an in-depth understanding of gemstone quality and rarity. Berganza specialises in antique jewellery as this is where the finest jewels are found. Berganza’s knowledge covers all aspects of jewellery from mine to lapidary, gemmology to manufacture and boast expert all-round knowledge of jewellery history.   Find us in the Jewellers category.  Edit

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